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Get the roadmap for launching your doula business in this 5 day workshop

December 26th - December 30th



December 26th - December 30th

5 Day workshop for aspiring doulas who want to learn the ins and outs of becoming a doula and launching their business

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Day 1 : How to decide what kind of doula you want to become

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There are various ways that you can work as a doula. From preconception, to pregnancy, to birth, and the 4th trimester, there is a doula for EVERYTHING! On day 1 of this workshop, you will learn how to decide which path may be best for you.

Day 2 : How to pick a training organization

Just like there are various types of doulas, there are many types of training organizations. It is important to pick an organization that is in alignment with how you want to show up as a doula. On day 2 of this workshop, you will learn how to pick a doula training organization.

Day 3 : How to set up your business

There is a side to birth work that is not really talked about in the beginning stages and that is the business side of things. In order to do this important work, families have to know that you exist. On day 3 of this workshop, you will learn how to set up your doula business.

Day 4 : How to find clients

Once you are trained and have your business set up, it's time to start working with families. But, for many doulas, it's not as simple as just announcing that you're ready to support families (there is strategy that has to go into it). On day 4 of this workshop, you will learn ways to market yourself and your services.

Day 5 : How to continue to grow and expand your business

Your initial training is a great starting point for your journey as a doula. But the learning doesn't have to end there. On day 5 of this workshop, you will learn all of the resources that you can use to continue growing and expanding your business.

Value: $497

Who is this workshop for?

- aspiring doulas

- doulas who recently finished training

- doulas trying to learn how to find their first client

What is the difference between VIP and general admission?

General admission 


- 5 day live workshop

- Access to a private Facebook group

VIP admission 

- Everything included in general admission 


- 1 Bonus call 

- Daily Q&A session in a private Zoom call

- Private group chat to receive personal feedback on how you can launch your doula business

Meet your birth business coaches

Hey, we are Dasia and Jarriel. We are two doulas on a mission to shift things in the birth industry. While we have a love for supporting families, we have a HUGE passion for supporting doulas in building sustainable businesses. We believe in creating a business that not only provides great value to families but is also sustainable for yourself, your family, and your lifestyle. 

Value: $497

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