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Connect With Your Ideal Client

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Showing up online and offering your services virtually can feel overwhelming. The tech pieces, using social media, finding clients . . . it can be a lot. You might even wonder if there are people out there that actually want what you're offering.


The "Connect With Your Ideal Client" live course will guide you through the 3 foundational steps that you can use to start connecting with your ideal client online.


February 13th @ 10 am CST

February 20th @ 10 am CST


February 27th @ 10 am CST



Live via Zoom

This course is for you if:

-You are a birth worker (birth, postpartum, childbirth education, lactation, etc)

-You offer (or want to offer) virtual services

-You may feel overwhelmed by the virtual space

-You are a new birth worker

-You are a seasoned birth worker looking to expand your services online

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-The Art of Branding (Valued at $297)

What do you want people to feel when they land on your page? Branding is more than colors, your logo, and aesthetics (don't worry, we will cover that too!) Branding is all about leaning into your own individual voice and letting that shine through. It is about creating a vibe that is memorable and keeps people coming back for more and more.


-Creating Your Signature Offer (Valued at $99)

What do you offer that is unique to YOU? As a birth worker, you have a foundation on which you were trained to offer support. But, there are so many tools, gifts, and certifications that you possess that you may be able to offer your clients along with your standard care. During this part of the course, we will work together to create your signature offer.

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-How To Create A Sales Page (Valued at $49)

So you have a services page that lists out what you offer. But, I want you to imagine something for a second . . . A first time parent lands on your page. They see your packages and the investment. Will they understand what a "prenatal appointment" is and what is covered? Will they see the benefit in "continuous labor support"? Are they questioning what optimal fetal positioning means? By creating a sales page, you create the opportunity for your ideal client to connect with what you do and more importantly, why you do it.



Value: $445

Today's Price: $47

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Hey, I'm Dasia

Birth and Postpartum Doula

While I absolutely love supporting families and educating them on all the things they need to know about birth, early postpartum, and parenthood as a whole, I realized that the business part of birth work is often overlooked. So many birth professionals struggle to make a sustainable wage. Burn-out is REAL!

In 2020, I shifted a lot of my services online and supported many clients in various ways (group support and 1:1). I learned A LOT about this online space and what virtual support can look like. Now, I want to give these tools I learned to YOU. 

Extra random Dasia facts:

- I have lived in many places across the country/ world (Japan, England, Georgia, Cali) I’m currently living in North Dakota.

- I enjoy dancing. Lately, I’ve been getting into sensual yoga . It provides the movement and the stretch at the same time. I love it.

- I’m married to my bestie and together we have one little girl (she just turned 2!)



Value: $445

Today's Price: $47

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