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Instagram For Birth Workers Course
Your Guide to Growing Your Audience Organically and Attracting Clients on Instagram

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Using Instagram to talk about your services can feel overwhelming as a birth worker. Are you brand new to the platform and trying to figure out how to get started? Do you find yourself staring at a blank screen wondering what you should be posting about? Or maybe you find that while you are already posting consistently, your following is filled with other birth workers and not pregnant people.

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Grow your audience on Instagram with confidence and use it to attract potential clients?

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Instagram For Birth Workers Course

For birth workers who want to use their Instagram to grow an audience organically and attract clients

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Value: $97

Today's Price: $47

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How to Set Up Your Profile

The overall look of your profile is the first thing that people see when they land on your page and decide if they want to follow you or not. I will show you how to fully optimize this key section so that there’s no question if a potential client decides to follow you.


We will cover:


- choosing a memorable username

- picking a profile photo

- what link to add to your profile

- writing a bio that speaks right to your ideal client


How to Create Content

No more looking at a blank screen and wondering what to post for the day. I will teach you a simple 3 step framework to create content effortlessly.

We will cover:

- the strategy that I use to create quality content

- how to write captions that connect

- how to show up confidently on video

- how to create reels

How to Create a Marketing Strategy 

In order to use Instagram as a way to attract potential clients, you must show up with a plan and a purpose. 


Here, we’ll dive into:

- how to increase your visibility and grow your audience organically 

- how to set clear goals

- how to generate more traffic to your website

-how to boost engagement


Value: $97

Today's Price: $47


I get it. I was once where you are.

Hey, I'm Dasia. In the beginning of my journey in being a birth and postpartum doula, I spent a lot more time on Instagram trying to perfect everything than I actually did connecting with people.


I was so worried about saying the "right" thing and creating a rigid aesthetic. The actions I was taking were not aligned with connecting with and attracting potential clients.


Once I got clear on what I really wanted to use Instagram for, my audience grew and more importantly, powerful connections were made.


I now use Instagram as my main way to connect with my community and market my doula services. The "Instagram For Birth Workers" course is the step by step guide for using Instagram to connect with potential clients.

Value: $97

Today's Price: $47

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